49 North Resources Inc.

Why Invest With Us

49 North Resources Inc. is a Saskatchewan focused company with strategic operations in financial, managerial advisory and merchant banking. Our diversified portfolio of assets includes direct project involvement as well as investments in shares and other securities of resource issuers. We believe early stage involvement in resource development is the cornerstone of wealth creation for our shareholders.

49 North is Saskatchewan’s first publicly traded resource investment company, which provides diversified exposure to oil & gas, potash, uranium, diamonds, coal, base & precious metals, and rare earth elements. The company was founded and is managed by a second generation Saskatchewan resource developer with over 25 years of experience in project generation/advancement, corporate finance, and investment. Our symbol is TSX-V: FNR.

49 North is the premier opportunity for those outside the province of Saskatchewan, and within, to work with and invest alongside the local resource establishment at the earliest possible stage.

Currently 49 North is comprised of a portfolio of investments that are predominantly Saskatchewan focused private and public resource issuers at various stages of development. Individual projects range from grass roots exploration to near feasibility in the minerals sector and early stage production of hydrocarbons. There are no fixed restrictions or requirements as to the particular sectors of the resource industry in which we invest. Nor are there fixed restrictions or requirements to the geographical locations in which investee companies conduct their exploration and/or development activities.