49 North Resources Inc.
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Athabasca Potash seed at $0.25 - acquired by BHP $8.35 cash (4 yrs)

Prairie Hunter Energy seed at $0.50 - acquired by Renegade Petroleum $1.47 (2 yrs)

Copper Canyon Resources seed at $0.18 acquired by Novagold for $1.30 (4 yrs)

Allstar Energy purchased for $3.4 million, sold Viking to Whitecap for $24 million (Retaining large E&P land base)

Rallyemont seed at $0.10 - acquired by Husky Energy $0.30 (3 yrs)

We Invest in
Junior Resource Companies

49 North has been investing in early stage, high growth, junior resource ventures and ideas since 2005. We seek out and invest in all sectors of mineral exploration as well as oil and gas exploration and production around the globe. 49 North has additional abilities to foster company growth and development with financial, managerial, geological and merchant banking advisory services.

We are opportunistic, pursuing high growth potential projects and ideas investing along side the best explorationists, entrepreneurs and business people. Investing begins for us at the earliest stages often at the seed capital or private phases. We follow on by supporting our investments through their growth and development periods.

Investors can get in on 49 North’s participation in the creation, seed funding, growth and final liquidity event of junior resource companies - along side a management team with a solid track record of generating returns with their investments.

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